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How to quickly delete programs you do not use from your PC

The longer you have your PC the more it gets bogged down with programs, documents, and other files that we will never use again. They just collect (virtual) dust like those books you got for Christmas and you swore you’d read on vacation six years ago.

The best thing you can do is delete them to clear up space on your hard drive and help your system work more smoothly. Don’t worry. We’ll show you how.

How to quickly delete programs you do not use from your PC

Standard method

The classics never die. Just click on the Windows icon in the lower left, click on the “Settings” gear and then click on “Apps & features.

Once you are inside this section, just identify the programs that need to hit the bricks. Click those dusty old programs and click “Uninstall.” Remember to restart the computer once you have finished the different uninstallations.

Quick method

The old method showed you all the applications in one place. However, you may only want to delete one program. If this is the case, right-click the program and click “Uninstall“.

In previous editions of Windows, this only allowed you to delete the icon. However, in Windows 10 was “corrected” to allow the complete removal of the program and/or application. That’s all there is to it!

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