My Talking Tom gets Flappy mini game

All versions of My Talking Tom have been updated with a new mini-game: Flappy Tom! The interactive pet app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, and the latest update brings more than just a Flappy Bird tribute.

The mini Flappy Tom game works just like Flappy Bird, you have to tak to make your tom flap, and avoid oncoming obstacles. The game now features breakfast, and you can finally change your Tom’s name too. There’s an unlockable Turbo mode, for greater difficulty, you can ‘pet and poke your friend’s Toms’, and levels have been increased to 80.

My Talking Tom is developed by Out Fit 7, who were recently victims of a viral social media hoax about another of their games, Talking Angela. Spreading mainly via Facebook, there were claims the the game was a front for a pedophile ring, and that it was able to photograph children and ask them personal questions. None of this is true, and Talking Angela even includes a child mode to make it extra safe for kids to play.


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