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How to play old games in your browser | Top 5 browser games

How to play old games in your browser | Top 5 browser games
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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I love new PC games as much as the next gamer, but sometimes, only an oldie but goodie will do. For those times that you just want to play old games in your browser in a blanket of nostalgia and game it out to the sounds of your youth, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite old games you play right now in your browser.

Simply click the link under each item, and you’ll be whisked away into yesteryear. The only thing you could do to elevate the experience is fire up Windows XP and play these games the way the universe intended.

Play old games in your browser with these top 5 titles

  1. Tetris

    How to play old games in your browser

    Tetris has to be the quintessential old-school game that you can still play in your browser today. Tetris is the most popular game in the industry’s history, even beating out Minecraft for that coveted top spot. The game’s popularity largely stems from how simple it is to grasp. However, simple doesn’t mean easy.

    It’s so easy to get stuck in the game if you don’t use the right strategies to clear lines and make sure that your blocks fit properly. Nonetheless, this is still one of the most fun games to play, no matter how advanced the industry becomes.

  2. Solitaire

    How to play old games in your browser

    Solitaire is another of the most popular games of all time. Solitaire is a game shipped with Windows XP and Windows 7 back in the day. The game provided hours of at-work entertainment to many a bored employee. Like Tetris, Solitaire also requires logic and critical thought if you intend to succeed at the game.

    This particular solitaire browser game has five different game modes to choose from. You can play either Klondike, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, Pyramid Solitaire, or TriPeaks. If you enjoy digital card games, this is definitely the old-school PC game for you.

  3. Bubble Shooter

    How to play old games in your browser

    This list is pure gold, from start to finish. Bubble Shooter is another one of the internet’s favorite online games. All you need to do in this game is to try to get rid of as many bubbles as possible by connecting at least three bubbles of the same color.

    Bubble Shooter has inspired so many other games that use a similar core mechanic, but this will always be the most enjoyable bubble shooter game of all time. No matter what your skill level in gaming is, you’ll likely enjoy this trip down memory lane immensely.

  4. Hangman

    How to play old games in your browser

    Hangman is a schoolroom classic. I remember spending so many hours of my school career playing this on the chalkboard as a class after our work was done. The game is incredibly fun to play, and it’s so great to have a way to play it online. Even though this is a digital game, it looks like you’re playing on a piece of paper with a crudely scribbled pole from which to eventually hang the titular man.

    This little touch makes the game feel even more nostalgic and old-school than it is. Hangman is fun for all ages and can entertain any gamer for hours.

  5. Sudoku

    How to play old games in your browser

    Sudoku is another game that you likely grew up playing on paper. This is a game that is often found in the back of most magazines, as well as a popular choice for activity books for all ages. The idea behind Sudoku is to use the process of elimination to determine the best possible place for numbers on a grid. The classic sudoku grid is made of nine smaller grids.

    Each grid needs to contain the numbers from 1-9. Each column and row also needs to contain these numbers. No column, 9×9 grid, or row can contain multiples of a digit. This is what makes Sudoku so challenging but also so enjoyable. The thrill of finishing a Sudoku puzzle is something you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Tonight we’re going to play like it’s 1995

Every one of the games on our list is a true classic. If you’re anywhere over 25, these are likely the games that you grew up playing. Whether you enjoyed these on paper or on Windows XP or 7, you’ll agree that these games have much to teach. Sudoku is likely the most educational game on our list, but the others all teach you critical thinking and planning, and even coordination.

We love reviewing new games and writing about the best MMORPGs and life simulators on the market. But sometimes, all we really want is to jump back in time and lose ourselves in a game of Tetris or Bubble Shooter. Be sure to check out my list of the top FPS games to play in your browser!

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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