Taylor Swift seeing Fernando Alonso? The theory that sweeps TikTok

Rumors claim that the singer and the pilot are seeing each other, but is this for real?

Taylor Swift seeing Fernando Alonso? The theory that sweeps TikTok
María López

María López

Yes, we are not kidding. Recent rumors have been linking popular singer Taylor Swift and driver Fernando Alonso. However, is there any truth to this story? And at this point, it is not uncommon to find some other well-crafted hoax on the Internet.


This peculiar situation coincides with Taylor’s recent breakup with Joe Alwyn last April 8 and after 6 years of romance. Although neither has confirmed the news officially, neither has been necessary: Taylor herself has made it clear in the setlist of her tour The Eras Tour that she was more than single.

However, it seems that the Internet takes badly that the pop star is without a partner and have rushed to find her a new suitor. In this case, the chosen one has been Fernando Alonso. The Spanish pilot also broke up with his partner relatively recently but they did make it public through their networks:

“We want to tell you that our relationship as a couple has ended. We were fortunate to be able to share a fantastic time together and we will continue to share, but in a different way. As you have probably seen, we have continued to work off the track on various projects and will continue to do so with the deep love and respect we have for each other. Thank you.”

It all started in the wake of a (seemingly) harmless tweet:

This user was referring to the number of victories Alonso wants to achieve in Formula 1. And if he wins this season, he would win his 33rd title. Coincidence? Swifties think not.


After that, everything started: montages, invented curiosities, songs “supposedly dedicated to him”… Each thing was more convoluted than the previous one. Such has been the magnitude of the matter that even Alonso himself posted a video on TikTok where he seemed to follow the fans. With a Taylor Swift song in the background and a simple wink, it was all said and done.

Of course, the memes and jokes have not been long in coming. However, there is no shortage of those who still hope that the two will go out together someday…

María López

María López

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