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The secret to winning with golf cart combat in Fortnite

The secret to winning with golf cart combat in Fortnite
Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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Have you seen them? If you haven’t, get back into Fortnite for Season 5! Golf carts recently hit the battlefield, along with a number of other changes to the familiar island we’ve come to love.

Despite Fortnite’s new rifts, skins, emotes, locations, and sports balls, the addition of driving to Fortnite likely deserves to be called the best change. Since many other battle Royale games – Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, for example – already allowed the use of vehicles, players have long expected some automobile in Fortnite. Now that it’s here, we’re glad to see the carts were designed with Fortnite’s characteristic charm.

About the Carts

There are a few technical details you should know. First, carts can be found in good supply at Lazy Links and Paradise Palms, two of the new locations which were ostensibly pulled into the landscape after the Great Rift of Season 4. Each cart sits four people: driver, shotgun, and two passengers on the back. They can be destroyed by gunfire with apparent ease. At top speed, they move much faster than a sprinting player and the roof acts like a bounce pad…

So what about combat?! To discuss this, we’ll go step by step and check through each position of the cart. Every one has a different role, and the successful completion of those could spell a Victory Royale; failure could mean a destroyed cart and a lost game, so read on!


Your job is to drive, naturally.

However, there’s more to that than you might expect. For one, you should know that the carts deal damage when they run into other players:

If you see the chance to run someone over, don’t waste the opportunity, and don’t miss!

At the same time, beware. As we’ve mentioned, the carts can be destroyed by gunfire, and are not very strong! If your enemies see you coming, it may be best to stay farther away and let your passengers engage in combat. When this happens, follow the Driver’s Number 1 Rule: keep moving, and avoid fire. A stationary vehicle makes an easy target, and a vehicle traveling straight ahead at the same speed isn’t much better. Get jiggy with it!

Finally, the driver is the parent/guardian of the vehicle. You’re responsible for making sure everyone’s inside. Don’t leave your friends amongst enemies or running through the storm!


Like the passengers, shotgun position can fire weapons. While driving across the landscape, you should be watching for signs of enemies ahead.

Once engaged with an enemy, note that the roof may impede your vision and doesn’t offer much cover. While this makes shotgun a difficult position, it still offers a huge plus: you’re closer to the front of the cart, and the ground…

That means building!

Is there a mountain in your way? Shotgun can build a ramp as the cart goes up. Are there people on both sides? Shotgun can create a wall to avoid a two-front war. Stay on top of it, keep fighting, and build well!


You are the brawlers. When driving, keep your head up and scour the landscape for signs of danger. You may see a group of enemies running before they spot you. When this happens, have your weapon ready and score a few hits before the building starts. Also, don’t forget to crouch back down if someone starts firing back!

Now, we admit that this requires excellent aim while moving. If you aren’t that type of fighter, no worries: once the enemies begin fighting you can always hop off and start building from the ground while your teammates keep rolling. Then, continue fighting the usual way!


Fortnite has an unspoken rule: transportation is combat.

On one hand, this relates to the storm. Since Fortnite’s weather itself deals damage, simply outrunning the storm may be your key to winning a fight. Why lose health when the environment will take care of your opponents? But on the flip side, you don’t want to be the team left behind, running for your lives. If the clouds are coming, get to that cart quick before anyone else does!

On the other hand, “transportation combat” can relate to positioning. Many battles are won with the use of jump pads and bouncers, all of which may help you get behind the enemy, on top of their fort, or simply to a safe place for healing. In terms of the cart, this may mean running, moving to higher ground, or a flanking maneuver.

(To flank: if you’re a passenger, hop off the cart while your teammates keep driving around. If you’re lucky, you may come up behind the other team while they’re distracted and catch them from multiple sides. If that doesn’t work, don’t panic: you may be the perfect distraction while your teammates get into position.)


Of course, don’t forget that we’re playing Fortnite here. Take nothing too seriously! Build a ramp, drive off cliffs, have drag races. If you’ve acquired one of the sports ball emotes, you can use the carts to get around Lazy Links for some golf, or visit the many other sports fields for a good time. Also, once the next set of Battle Pass challenges arrive, you can be sure the carts will help. Whatever the case, don’t forget to enjoy Fortnite’s new vehicles!

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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