May the Force Be With You: Find Out Which Star Wars Character You Are with this TikTok Quiz!

May the Force Be With You: Find Out Which Star Wars Character You Are with this TikTok Quiz!
María López

María López

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Star Wars fans are in for a treat: in November we saw the denouement of Andor, one of Disney’s best series to date, and now we are enjoying the return of The Mandalorian (along with Grogu). With so much news, fan communities have become more active (even) and do not stop creating content related to the galactic saga.


If you want to find out which jedi character you are, you’re in luck. This TikTok user has recorded 4 different short videos, each one corresponding to a character from the mythical galactic saga (Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Ahsoka Thano). Depending on the video that appears in your feed, you will get one jedi or another. After watching it, did you get the one you wanted?

What is the significance of the color of the lightsaber?


Within Star Wars, lightsabers are more than just weapons. Since their appearance on the scene, these weapons have become an icon of the franchise and popular culture. Each sword is a reflection of the personality and skill of its bearer, as well as being unique: Force users must build it themselves.

Each saber has a unique design composed of up to 18 different parts and one of the most important is the kyber crystal. This is the core of the sword and tests the Jedi and Sith who seek to create. For only those who have been chosen by the crystal can build a properly functioning lightsaber.

The color of the sword is a reflection of how the wearer channels the Force through the crystal. Kyber crystals are colorless, but the hues we see on the swords emerge when they are wielded. Each color has its own symbolism: blue represents bravery (and is also the color of the Padawan), green represents peace and wisdom, yellow represents balance and discipline, etc. Is there a color you identify with?

María López

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