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  1. An indie space battle strategy game

    You play in a 2D galaxy where you have to dominate each system by taking it over with battleships. Each galaxy has a number of solar systems, and you have to...

  2. Sci-fi indie 2D scroller

    miniLAW: Ministry of Law is a sci-fi dystopian side scroller. Take on the role of a cybernetic police officer as he fights against hordes of criminals in...

  3. Dungetris an indie platform game

    Dungetris is an indie platformer that combines dungeon crawling rogue-likes and the granddaddy of puzzle games, Tetris. Indie gaming has long been the...

  4. Coba's Dream

    • 4.9
    • (6 votes)

    An indie game with potential and problems

    Coba's Dream is a side-scrolling adventure platform game where you have to face monsters that are brought to life from the hero's own mind. Taking his fears...