Download Music For Windows 10 - Best Software & Apps | 5

  1. Free Custom Music Player for Advanced Users

    Amarok is a music player with various optional extras and integration options. Thanks to a start on Linux operating systems, users have developed a large...

  2. Wondershare TunesGo - Your music, your device

    TunesGo has made the task of managing your music library across multiple devices significantly easier. Music is automatically tagged and transferred across...

  3. Soundfall

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    • (2 votes)

    Enter a World of Adventure and Music in Soundfall

    Soundfall is a dungeon crawler RPG with a twist: its gameplay is based around music. Take control of heroine Melody as she is sent to the fantasy world of...

  4. Music theory classes to entertain your ears

    EarMaster is a useful, trial version multiplatform software (also available for iPhone), being part of the category Science & education software with...

  5. Exaile

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    Enjoy music more with Exaile

    Music lovers often have a favourite program for playing it, but sooner or later will graduate away from default programs like Windows media player. Exaile is...

  6. A free program for Windows, by Nend Software

    Tray Radio is a free software for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Music & Radio'.

  7. Drift off to sleep listening to music or audiobooks

  8. Free Organisational Tool for Music Lovers

    MusicBrainz Picard is a special tool that makes it easy for users to organise their digital music library on their computer. This is ideal for people who...

  9. The MusicBot for Discord (formerly SexualRhinoceros/MusicBot)

    The MusicBot for Discord (formerly SexualRhinoceros/MusicBot) is one of the Top Open Source Projects on GitHub that you can download for free. In this...

  10. SONAR

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    Advanced digital audio workstation for music lovers

    SONAR is known as a digital audio workstation (DAW). It provides the user with many advanced capabilities which are not often found within more generic...

  11. Song Director automatically catalogs, organizes and plays your music files

  12. A free program for Windows, by Vovsoft

    Vov Music Player is a free app for Windows, belonging to the category 'Music & Radio'

  13. Make synthwave music

    SynthVR is a virtual reality simulation video game wherein you can use a virtual synthesizer to make some cool-sounding noise. Developed by 42tones, this VR...

  14. imaginative Game for Music Lovers

    Groove Pilot is an engaging interactive special retaliation music game that provides players with their own funky spaceship to fly. The game presents a...

  15. A full version program for Windows, by AbstractArt.

    Music Killer is a full version app for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Action'.

  16. SongArc

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    • (7 votes)

    Sophisticated music game

    SongArc is a music game that will test your rhythm.

  17. A free and interactive VR music video

    Show It 2 Me is an experiment with sound, colour, motion and space. The use of VR means that space (vectors + expanse + dimensions) may play an integral...

  18. Recover accidentally deleted videos, photos and music

    Imagine you just deleted the photos from your holidays, your wedding or your child's first steps by accident. You probably wish you could travel back in time...

  19. Virtual reality live music simulator

    Hatsune Miku: Future Live is a virtual reality concert simulator. Join a crowd of cheering fans and wave along a glow stick in time.