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  1. Free Windows enhanced command tool

    Using the Windows Command Tool or Run Dialogue still remains a mystery to many people - it's virtually redundant unless you are a system administrator. Super...

  2. Easily move your taskbar buttons

    Support for IE7

  3. Forget about the task bar

    Sometimes it's easy to get confused between all the Windows components such as Start Menu, Taskbar and System Tray. Say System Tray and many users will say...

  4. Display a thumbnail for each minimized window on the taskbar

  5. TrayDay

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    Display the date in the Windows taskbar

  6. Add XP Taskbar functionality to your software

  7. uBar

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    Want An Alternative To Your Dock? Look Here.

    uBar is a Dock replacement app. If you run macOS, you know about the Dock, the movable row of icons that you can use to select what program you want to use...

  8. AnyTime

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    Install a number of different clocks into your taskbar

    AnyTime is a tool that allows you to add different clocks into your taskbar. The clocks are based on countries and country times, which is why each comes...

  9. Give your desktop a makeover

    iOS Skin Pack is developed by Hamed Danger that contains new themes for your computer. You now enjoy the sleek style of iOS skins on any PC. It is very easy...