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  1. ZAC Browser

    • 4.2
    • (140 votes)

    Skill-boosting browsing for autistic children

    Most of us browse the web many times a day without giving it a second thought, but for people who suffer from disorders in the autistic spectrum, it becomes...

  2. Mozilla sets the benchmark for web browsers

    Firefox Web Browser is a free, open-source web browser that offers numerous features and customization options. Its performance is excellent, and it's...

  3. Free private browser for your device

    TOR Browser Private Web is a free web browser that prevents anyone from viewing your connections and knowing what websites you visit. This utility was...

  4. Falcon Browser - Lightweight browsing, for free!

    Falcon Browser is a lightweight browser that is designed to be fast and clutter free. The simple to use interface contains all the tools that one would...

  5. A free browsers app for Android, by Litter Penguin

    Web Browser & Explorer is a free program only available for Android, that is part of the category 'Browsers' , and published by Litter Penguin.This app is...

  6. A free Browsers program for Windows

    Orca Browser is a popular, free program only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Browsers and has been published by Orca Browser.

  7. A free theme for your Google Chrome web browser

    Morpheon Dark allows you to create a black background theme for your Google Chrome web browser. Unlike other themes, it doesn't feature branding or logos. It...

  8. OmniWeb

    • 3.4
    • (38 votes)

    Revolutionize your web browsing experience

    Updated WebKit to match Safari 5.0.5. Fixed a long-standing regression where bookmark syncing and bookmark checking wouldn't prompt to allow connections to...

  9. A promising browser

    Built around Chromium, the same open-source code as Google Chrome, URBrowser offers a familiar interface from which to begin your browsing. This alone may...

  10. Citrio

    • 3.3
    • (72 votes)

    Download the best browser for downloads

    Surfing the Internet may be the most common function of web browsers, but most users would probably want a browser that can do far more than that. Citrio is...

  11. Privacy comes first with this web browser

    Dooble is an open source web browser, which aims to facilitate quick and secure internet surfing.Based on WebKit, the powerful engine that both Safari and...

  12. The browser that you've always wanted

    Mako Apps‬ brings you a new browser. It’s simple, fast and easy to use. With a new and innovative interface, you can easily and quickly browse the web. You...

  13. Crypto manager and browser

    CryptoTab Browser PRO is a web browser from CryptoCompany OU. Unlike other browsers, it comes with a built-in mining algorithm that mines crypto while you...

  14. A free program for iPhone, by Psiphon Inc..

    Psiphon Browser is a free app for iPhone, that makes part of the category 'Web browsers'.

  15. JonDoBrowser

    • 3.6
    • (26 votes)

    Anonymous Surfing

    JonDoBrowser is a web browser software created by JonDoym. The browser offers a reliable private online surfing service for those who are very concerned with...

  16. Online multiplayer FPS in your browser!

    BeGone is a free to play online first person shooter. It may only feature one map, but it's playable from your browser if you install the Unity browser...

  17. Web VPN

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Free VPN web browser

    Web VPN is a free-to-download web browser developed by Roob. This browser application comes with a built-in proxy server. With this, you can go online...

  18. Complete and attractive web browser similar to IE

    Acoo Browser is an awesome, free software only available for Windows, being part of the category Browsers.