Download Writing For Mac - Best Software & Apps

  1. Getting straight to the point

    Hemingway Editor is not like other grammar checkers like Grammarly because this tool is more focused on improving your writing style. For one, it will offer...

  2. Create websites without writing code

    Adobe Muse for Mac is a really simple web editor that enables you to develop and design websites without writing a single line of code.Those of you who have...

  3. A full featured IDE for developers

    PhpStorm is an IDE (integrated development environment) specifically built for PHP developers. IDEs make programming much easier, by providing handy features...

  4. EndNote

    • 2.9
    • (130 votes)

    A great tool for anyone writing a thesis

    If you have to write a thesis, project or your end of course assignment, then compiling a bibliography can be a daunting task.EndNote allows you to compile...

  5. The professional solution for script writers

    When it comes to scriptwriting, there are few programs more professional than Final Draft. Final Draft is a highly accomplished scriptwriting tool...

  6. Simple and functional text editor

    Some of the best writing is done in a simple environment without distractions, which is exactly what Tex-Edit Plus X helps you achieve.Tex-Edit Plus X is a...

  7. OmmWriter

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Focused Writing Tool

    Recapture the days when a writer would sit down to work on something and not have a dozen different things vying for their attention. Don't be distracted by...

  8. Smultron

    • 3.5
    • (67 votes)

    Versatile text editor for all writing needs

    Smultron is a simple text editor which is suitable for everyone from scriptwriters to programmers.Whether its web programming, script editing or simply...

  9. Scrivener

    • 3.9
    • (42 votes)

    Excellent editor and project manager for writers

    Scrivener is a project management and writing tool that aims to make you a better writer. Scrivener takes you through from idea to final draft.It helps you...

  10. Ulysses

    • 3.8
    • (14 votes)

    A simple text editor that will let you focus on your writing

    When it comes to writing, getting distracted and procrastinating is one of the biggest challenges to getting it done. It’s easy to get distracted by things...

  11. Disksomnia

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Keep Your Hard Drives Awake

    Disksomnia keeps your hard drives from going to sleep during periods of inactivity, making them quicker to access after periods of non-use.

  12. Powerful all-in-one writing tool

    Please note that the system requirements have changed! Spell Catcher X 10.4.1 requires Mac OS X 10.5 and later, running on Intel Macintosh hardware. ...

  13. WordTarget

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    A tool for tracking your writing output each day

    WordTarget is a tool that tracks how many words you have written in a session or day. There are also functions where you may set targets for how many words...

  14. SketchBox

    • 3.8
    • (17 votes)

    Manage your sticky notes

    Sticky notes programs, they're all more or less the same, right? I mean what's so special in a sticky note? All you need it for is to scribble things here...

  15. Quick and easy text editing with Paragraphs

    Paragraphs is a minimalist text editor that keeps its tool menus hidden, freeing up maximum screen area for your writing. Selecting a section of text allows...

  16. An App for People Serious About Writing Songs

    Songwriter’s Companion is a tool that lets you document all song ideas, such as titles, lyrics, hooks, audio, etc. You may work on those saved ideas and...

  17. Dyrii Journal - Advanced multimedia journalling app

    Dyrii Journal is a journalling app with multiple advanced features to help chronicle your life. Support for location tagging, photos, videos, audio...

  18. Free Writing Application Intended to Mimic Real Paper

    Paper- Just Paper is a software application designed to mirror the look and "feel" of traditional paper. It boasts a realistic typing interface, a massive...

  19. Granthika

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Keep track of your story details with this writing app

    Granthika is a handy creative writing application that allows you to organize all the details in your story. Developed by novelist Vikram Chandra, Granthika...

  20. Stationary templates for writing and printing

    Factory for Stationary has a range of templates that you may use for things such as business letters, invitations, party announcements and so forth. They...