Best daw apps for android

1.FL Studio

Paid: $99 Varies by plan
FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation developed by Image Line Software BVBA. This software features a multi-track recording, sequencing capabilities, and other music-mixing effects. It also has a customizable virtual keyboard and drum.
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  • Jacob Long

    by Jacob Long

    FL Studio Mobile might not be the best app for the purpose; the share function of the app, according to a review on the Google Play store, does not


  • Sara Montgomery

    by Sara Montgomery

    I'm not even sure what a daw is, therefore I don't think there is even a good solution. This was an app for android though.

  • Ryan Hopkins

    by Ryan Hopkins

    Pretty good DAW for Android! When I tried it I was mesmerized. It was easy and I never thought I'd make a good music. \m/

2.Audio Evolution Mobile

Paid: $6.99 with in-app purchases
With Audio Evolution Mobile you will be able to record your new song ideas on the road, edit new and existing audio material, mix it down in high quality and share it with the world. The app also has MIDI sequencing, loop playback, and more.
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  • by Christina Meng

    WOW! As a professional singer and university professor, I am very happy with Audio Evolution Mobile when I'm away from the studio. On my Android, I ca More

  • Martín Meléndez

    by Martín Meléndez

    I'm an aspiring musician. I would like to learn to produce my own music but I can't afford to buy tools so this kind of DAW is very helpful for me.

  • Michael Morris

    by Michael Morris

    Looks like a great app to use.

  • Brendan Skinner & The Relevant Advice Club

    by Brendan Skinner & The Relevant Advice Club

    This is a great program, I was lucky to purchase it cheaply years ago when it was first launched. It's been developed into a truly excellent DAW for m More

  • Jessica Gardner

    by Jessica Gardner

    Audio Evolution Mobile is both convenient and exciting! Before I had to just hope that when a song popped into my head, I would remember it. But now,  More


Paid: $9.99 Check price

MorphWiz is the result of the combination of Jordan Rudess, the keyboardist of Dream Teater, and Kevin Chartier, who developed the app so well that even Jordan uses it in his live shows with the heavy metal music band. It is suitable for users of every expertise: beginners will enjoy trying its presets, and professional musicians will find an amazing way to control sounds.

*The Android link is no longer available*

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  • Phillip Foster

    by Phillip Foster

    MorphWiz is a great music app that lets you get pretty immersive with how you produce sound and produces stunning visuals to go with it. The interface More

  • Peter Delgado

    by Peter Delgado

    This is the most epic sound device that I found. This is simply good in everything, especially with Blues! Been quite long in the music industry yet I More

  • Jose Howell

    by Jose Howell

    I think this is a nice app.

4.Music Maker Jam

with in-app purchases

Music Maker Jam is a music creation application and software that also lets users share and discover tracks across a wide variety of genres. They can pick a loop, beat, or melody to start mixing your new track.

  • Larry Bell

    by Larry Bell

    I'll be honest - this app isn't great. It's not bad, it's not broken or dysfunctional. It just...what does it do that other apps don't do better? It's More

  • Zhang Li

    by Zhang Li

    Been using this for weeks now. All I can say is that this app is always been stable. It is totally one of a kind Android DAW!

  • Samantha Harrison

    by Samantha Harrison

    Music Jam Maker is so much fun! I love all the sounds it makes. I've used apps before and felt limited by the number of sounds they provided, but now  More


Paid: $3.49

Nanoloop is an easy to use mobile application which provides all the functions to create music from scratch which is combined in one package that acts as a sequencer, synthesizer, and sampler. 

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  • Donald Snyder

    by Donald Snyder

    Nanoloop is one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive music making apps I have ever used. It makes it super simple to make music on the go and  More

  • Cristina Jaramillo

    by Cristina Jaramillo

    This is the best all in one fully functioning music app. It helps me to produced great music. This is good on both ios and Android system.

  • Han Nelson null

    by Han Nelson null

    I'm not sure if I am just missing something but Nanoloop was a bit dissapointing to me. The UI itself was a bit underwhelming and it realy didn't s


  • Bryan Carpenter

    by Bryan Carpenter

    This app is totally worth the 4 dollars they are asking. It will pretty much pay for itself, just sell all the sick beats you create with it and *PROF More


Paid: $5.99

This music creation tool for Android is a synthesizer that will help you create the most complex and amazing electronic songs. There are lots of available effects, like distortion, echo, loops and reverb, among many others. 

  • Website:Not Available
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  • Cecilia Monroy

    by Cecilia Monroy

    I've used other apps but this is the most organized and simple DAW I've used so far. The multi-platform compatibility helps me take me work with me wh More

  • Chen Cui

    by Chen Cui

    Great app for DAW! It has a powerful sound engine. Spent well on purchasing this app. Please do keep the updates going!

  • Alice Graham

    by Alice Graham

    I have tried many music apps on the Android and this is by far the best one I have ever used hands down! I can't say anything negative about this app, More

  • Andrew Delgado

    by Andrew Delgado

    Got to be hands down the best Music Creation tool available for Android. It contains everything that you can think of to allow you to make music.

  • Carlos Díaz

    by Carlos Díaz

    This is a cool app that will help with your creative music making. Make loops, electronic songs, and put all sorts of effects on your songs.

7.Caustic 3

Paid: $9.99

Caustic 3 is a music creation app optimized for mobile devices where you can create your rack from up to 14 machines, including lots of synthesizers and a song sequencer. 

  • Chirag Pawar

    by Chirag Pawar

    If you want to create good sounding music, Caustic 3 may be your ticket. There's the ability to create numerous machines for synthesis and a whole lib More

  • Vishal Patil

    by Vishal Patil

    The single cell software are dooope! One of the best Android DAW! I use this with my tablet and the improvements are so good.

  •  José Guadalupe Galván

    by José Guadalupe Galván

    I've been using Caustic 3 for a while now, and it's an essential part of my live show. The PadSynth, especially, allows me to bring my sound to a leve More

  • Han Nelson null

    by Han Nelson null

    Good daw, I use it when I am away from my computer daw.


Paid: $4.99

This DAW controller has lots of MIDI tools that will turn your Android device into the ultimate digital audio workstation. Using your phone, you will be able to remotely control every setting to create the most amazing songs and sounds. 

  • Anthony Allen

    by Anthony Allen

    I'm surprised at just how much this app has going for it. The free version has quite a bit behind the paywall, but for five dollars you get quite a bi More

  • Yu Qiao

    by Yu Qiao

    The dynamics and control for this app's really beyond amazing. I'm using this with my Note 8. All I can say it is pretty cool. Not a musician but I ha More

  • Wayne Hopkins

    by Wayne Hopkins

    TouchDAW is great. You're able to create amazing songs and sounds.


with in-app purchases

Bandpass is a music production app developed by Lunar Labs for Android devices. The music app allows users to select from over 3000 samples or from other instruments to create songs. The app serves as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

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    The digital audio workstation, or DAW, is a tool to record, mix, or refine audio files. It can either be an electronic device or a digital application.


    Did you know that the first commercially-viable digital audio workstation was created in 1978? Music production was an expensive venture in the 1960s and 1970s since the hardware for recording and processing were not as affordable as they are today. But in 1978, audiophile company Soundstream created the Digital Editing System, a powerful but slightly affordable DEC PDP-11/60 minicomputer with a Digital Audio Processor software. It had a Braegen hard disk drive, an oscilloscope, and a video display terminal. In the late 1980s, DAWs became cheaper as more companies joined the market, with Yamaha, Apple, Atari, and Commodore putting out products that can process audio files. 

    Digidesign then opened the door for the software types of DAWs when they launched Pro Tools in 1989, prompting most major music producers to buy the product and use it as a software for their physical DAWs. Only in 1999 did a music producer created a full song using only the Pro Tools software, when Charles Dye and Desmond Child processed Ricky Martin's Livin' La Vida Loca. In a 2017 survey by AudioSkills, Pro Tools remain as the favorite DAW software, chosen by 30% of those who answered the survey, though Logic Pro (27%) and GarageBand (24) were not far behind.