Free desktop and mobile wallpapers: Enjoy this treat from NASA

Patrick Devaney

NASA Earth

The earth is such a beautiful and unique place. It can be easy to forget just how special it is. Earth’s natural beauty needs to be seen to be truly understood. But if your situation prevents you from seeing as much as you’d like in person, NASA has something special for you.

To celebrate Earth’s majesty, NASA has released a hardcover book filled with 69 of the best images of earth NASA has ever taken. There aren’t many people who will have seen the world like this. The book retails for $53 and will cost even more if you’re outside the U.S., but the good news is that NASA is giving away an electronic version of the book for free. These images will make some of the best desktop backgrounds we’ve ever seen.

NASA is giving away some of the most stunning photos of earth ever taken

NASA’s new photobook is called “Earth” and takes all the best satellite images the space agency has taken of earth through the years and packages them up for you. There are two ways to get your hands on the incredible images for free. You can either download the ebook as a pdf, epub, or mobi file here; or you can check out NASA’s interactive online version here.

The online version of NASA’s book is split into four categories. These categories are atmosphere, water, land, and ice and snow. Each will show you stunning images that tell earth’s 4.5 billion-year-old story and give you an insight into how NASA uses these types of images to learn how the earth has developed over that time.

NASA satellite imagery

All the images come with a short description explaining what they’re showing and also include a link to the full story of the image, which will give a much more in-depth explanation of what is going on and how NASA captured the image. If you’re looking for new desktop or mobile wallpapers, this is also where you’ll find links to the full high-resolution versions of the images. These large files will give you the opportunity to zoom in and look at the earth in much greater detail.

Photos of earth nasa satelites

Michael Carlowicz who works at NASA’s Earth Observatory had this to say in the book’s foreword, “NASA has a unique vantage point for observing the beauty and wonder of Earth and for making sense of it. Looking back from space, astronaut Edgar Mitchell once called Earth ‘a sparkling blue and white jewel,’ and it does dazzle the eye. The planet’s palette of colors and textures and shapes — far more than just blues and whites — are spread across the pages of this book.”

NASA satellite photos of earth's atmosphere

The book is designed to show just how beautiful the earth is as it is… “no matter what the human mind can imagine, no matter what the artist can conceive, there are few things more fantastic and inspiring than the world as it already is.” Check out the free ebook now and you’ll see that it does just that.

Land from space nasa photos

If you like these types of images, you should check out this extension for Google Chrome. It will show you a new satellite image from around the world every time you open a new tab.

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