The Mystery is Over: Here’s What We Know About the Much-Anticipated iOS 16.4 Update!

The Mystery is Over: Here’s What We Know About the Much-Anticipated iOS 16.4 Update!


It’s been a very short time since we received iOS 16.3 on supported iPhone models. While iOS 16 has been with us since September last 2022, we still haven’t seen everything we were promised back then. Some new features have arrived in iOS 16.2, others we’ve seen in iOS 16.3 (such as the release of Freeform) and now it looks like iOS 16.4 will come well loaded with more features.


Apple usually follows a fairly strict modus operandi when releasing new versions of iOS: when an update is released, within a few days the beta of the next patch is usually available for download. In short: it’s only a matter of time before we see the future iOS 16.4.

iOS 16.4: new emojis, savings accounts and much more

It’s not entirely clear what’s new iOS 16.4 will bring, but we do know what’s left to see from iOS 16 considering what they announced at WWDC 2022:

  • New emoji: Apple has not yet added the Unicode 15 emoji, which include among others the pink heart, moose, black bird, jellyfish, flute, hyacinth, ginger, goose, donkey, etc. Will we see them appear in iOS 16.4?
  • Apple Music Classical: We already know that Apple is working on an app focused on classical music. We were supposed to see it appear sometime in 2022, but its release has been delayed more and more.
  • Safari Push Notifications: We macOS users are already used to this type of notifications and soon, we will also see them on iPhone and iPad.
  • Apple Pay Later: With Apple Pay Later, customers residing in the United States (and meeting the relevant requirements) will be able to split their purchases into four equal, interest-free payments. The feature will be integrated into the Wallet app and will work similarly to other platforms such as Amazon or PayPal. Mark Gurman himself already warned that we would likely see this feature in iOS 16.4.
  • Apple Pay savings account: Among Apple’s plans would be to allow Apple Card customers to open their own savings account. With such an account you could make transfers, redeem Apple Card rewards and generally manage our money. Like Apple Pay Later, Americans would be the first to receive this functionality.
  • Emergency calls via satellite in other countries: This was one of the most attention-grabbing features of the iPhone 14 on its release: Apple’s handset is now capable of making calls via satellite in case of emergency. Currently, the feature is available in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the U.K. Will we see more countries supported in iOS 16.4?
  • New Home app: Although we should have received it in iOS 16.3, Apple delayed it for further polishing. As soon as we get the iOS 16.4 beta, we will be able to see if they have finally changed the app and if they have increased the reliability of HomeKit.

Of course, it seems that Apple still has a lot of hard work to do with iOS 16. Although many of these additions will not be seen in Spain, little by little they will be available globally.



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