Download 2 D Games For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 6

  1. Uncover the secrets of the moon

    A Trip to the Moon is a free adventure video game wherein you get to go to the moon. Developed by NamraGameDev, this 2D indie platformer features beautiful...

  2. Host Hacchama’s cooking show

    HAACHAMA COOKING SIMULATOR is a free horror simulation video game wherein you get to play as the alter ego of Japanese VTuber Akai Haato named “Haachama”...

  3. A Star Trek mod for Sins of a Solar Empire

    Ages of the Federation is a free mod for Sins of a Solar Empire that introduces the Star Trek universe to the game. The mod is a fan-made overhaul of the...

  4. Echo Beach

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    Win a vacation trip by catching musicians

    Echo Beach is a free puzzle video game wherein you must put a stop to all music. Developed by Tim Sheinman, this 2D indie game features investigative puzzle...

  5. Retro 2D platformer for PC

    THE LAST ESCAPE is a free adventure game made by indie developer Ariel Endaraues. It's a 2D platformer that was designed in retro pixel art styling. In it...

  6. Ladderdot

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    Free 2D vertical climbing game

    Today, there are hundreds of vertical climbing games online that you can play, and some have even become classics, such as Doodle Jump and Mega Jump. In...

  7. Free 2D adventure game

    Soul delivery is a 2D adventure game that focused primarily on the story. The gameplay is fundamentally the same as a 2D platformer; you run, bounce...

  8. 2D black and white puzzle game

    The Bridge is a logic puzzle game. The game tackles on your psyche, forcing you to re-evaluate your preconceptions of physics and perspective. A strategy...

  9. Altitude

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    2D multiplayer aerial arcade action!

    Altitude is an online multiplayer 2D shoot 'em up. It mixes old school aerial combat gameplay, with modern multiplayer action. This demo allows for...

  10. FiNCK

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    A dark 2D platformer

    FiNCK is an earie, atmospheric platformer that plays like a dark version of the classic Super Mario Bros. 2.FiNCK stands for Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer...

  11. Sundered

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    2D indie side scroller

    Sundered is an indie 2D side scroller with rogue-like elements. Play as Eshe, an explorer travelling through a world of ancient evils and tempting powers.

  12. Blow off some steam in SteamWorld Heist

    There’s something really pleasing and satisfying about the rise of indie gaming through Steam, the PC gaming platform and online store. Small scale...

  13. Sci-fi indie 2D scroller

    miniLAW: Ministry of Law is a sci-fi dystopian side scroller. Take on the role of a cybernetic police officer as he fights against hordes of criminals in...

  14. Loco Motive

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    Stay on track with this murder mystery game

    Loco Motive is a free 2D pixelated adventure video game wherein you have to solve a crime on a train. Developed by Robust Games, this murder mystery comedy...

  15. Vibrant 2D RPG About Altering Time

    Cris Tales is a beautiful 2D action role-playing game that was crafted as a love letter to classic JRPGs. You play as the newly-awakened Time Mage Crisbell...

  16. S.o.L.o.

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    Robot-theme 2D platformer for PC

    S.o.L.o is a free action-adventure video game that was created by an independent developer who goes by the name, Roolandoo....

  17. Unleash the Dragon in You

    Dragon Star Varnir is a role-playing game by Idea Factory and Compile Hearts, that brings you to a unique world full of dragons and witches. Now a PC port...

  18. Watch 2D rats dole out Tweets

    Sewer Rave Twitter Royale is a free simulation video game wherein you get to hear rats bust out some Tweets. Developed by Autumn Rain, this 3D indie game is...

  19. A retro post-apocalyptic 2D platformer for PC

    Return of the SLIMEPIRES! is a free adventure game made by an independent developer named Sophie Houlden. In this 2D action platformer, players take on the...

  20. Reviving the classics

    198X is an arcade game that will truly make you feel like you time-traveled back in the late 80s. The 2D graphics say it all! Even with its classic...