Need a New Binge-Worthy Series? Here Are the Top 5 Shows to Watch Post-Succession

Need a New Binge-Worthy Series? Here Are the Top 5 Shows to Watch Post-Succession
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

Finally, the moment has arrived. After four memorable seasons filled with incredible moments, Succession has come to its end. Jesse Armstrong’s series has left everyone in awe with a final episode where nothing is as it seemed, and all the puzzle pieces have finally found their place.

Gone are the Roy family disputes, Brian Cox‘s sublime portrayal of the patriarch of a dysfunctional family, the unbelievable betrayals, and the incredible character developments. Undoubtedly, the ending of Succession leaves a great void in our hearts… which we’ll have to find a way to fill.

To try and alleviate this sad situation, below are five of the best series of the moment that have recently premiered and can be found on different platforms. There are many more that could make the top list, but if you’re looking for something of quality in the vein of Succession, we can’t think of anything better.

Mrs. Davis: Lost creator on acid and an all-powerful AI

Certainly, one of the most current series of the moment is Mrs. Davis. Also from HBO Max, the home of Succession and other gems like Game of Thrones, the show lives up to its platform. Mrs. Davis is initially about a nun named Simone who will stop at nothing to destroy an Artificial Intelligence that has taken control of everyone’s minds and seeks to cause a global collapse.

Despite the already convoluted premise, the course of the episodes becomes even crazier. You never know what could happen next, and with an absolute mastery of storytelling —not for nothing, it’s from the creator of Lost, The Leftovers, and Watchmen—, Damon Lindelof manages to trap you without any escape.

Mrs. Davis premiered in late April and consists of eight episodes. There’s no doubt that it’s not for everyone, but if you’ve been able to withstand the pulse and the adventures of the Roy family, delving into this strange science fiction tale won’t be as challenging for you.


Dead Ringers: a tale of terror between eroticism and perversion

Another great series that has somewhat flown under the radar upon its release is Dead Ringers on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a very, very loose remake of the eponymous film that starred Jeremy Irons in 1988, and it follows two twin sisters who work as expert surgeons in female fertility.

The Mantle sisters, Eliott and Beverly, work at a specialized clinic and are the best in their field. People from all over the world come to seek their services, and they assist families in their quest to have children. However, their relationship is characterized by a strange and disturbing codependency. Whenever one steps out of her comfort zone, the other steps in to replace her, and there seems to be no escape from this cycle. Complicating matters further is their pursuit of pioneering a fertility method that is, let’s say, far from legal.

Dead Ringers weaves together elements of eroticism and the compelling allure of gore, making it impossible to look away from the screen. The series is intense and grows more captivating with each episode. However, it never loses its elegance, a trait that the Roys taught us so well in the final moments of Succession.

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Beef: 21st century morality hitting you in the face

One of the most critically acclaimed series this year has been Beef. Released on Netflix last April, it is a blend of comedy and drama in just 10 half-hour episodes. However, it doesn’t need more time to become a perfect portrait of the 21st century and our morality.

The series begins with a road rage incident involving Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and Amy Lau (Ali Wong). But what starts as what appears to be an unfortunate accident soon takes on a greater dimension as we follow the lives of both characters, who gradually increase their anger both from the incident itself and their troubled lives.

Beef keeps you hooked at every moment, leaving you pondering after each episode and utilizing the smallest nook of your brain to make you reflect on human relationships. It is undoubtedly a work crafted with simplicity but pure talent… in the pure style of Succession.


The Offer: make it look like an accident… or make it be an accident

If you’re looking for the same intensity as Succession, the same corporate escapades, the same clash of egos, and the same great performances, a perfect option to curb your withdrawal is The Offer. And to top it off, it’s based on true events, making the experience even more epic.

The Offer premiered on SkyShowtime alongside the launch of the platform in March, and it tells the story behind the making of The Godfather. The series follows Albert S. Ruddy (Miles Teller), a film and television producer who has just joined Paramount Pictures. Upon his arrival, he is tasked with bringing to life a bestselling book: The Godfather.

Amid Ruddy’s endeavors to make a groundbreaking film and his clashes with the Italian-American mafia that nearly bring Paramount to its knees, the series takes so many twists and turns that, despite all of us having seen The Godfather, it feels like the movie may never come to fruition.

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Silo: high-level science fiction

If you’re looking to continue with the same political intrigue, betrayals, and secrets as Succession, but want to venture beyond the 21st-century American corporate aesthetic, a great choice for a drastic change is Silo, the latest major science fiction series on Apple TV+.

Silo is based on the Silo Trilogy (Wool, Shift, and Dust) by Hugh Howey, one of the bestselling science fiction series in recent years. The story takes place in a distant future where only 10,000 people have survived, and the Earth’s surface is a barren wasteland devoid of any life. Anything that ventures to the surface dies instantaneously from suffocation, and no containment suit or spacecraft can withstand it.

In the midst of this, Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) stumbles upon something monumental—a mystery that goes beyond anything she could have ever imagined, and the secrets hidden within a seemingly peaceful society. Silo is a perfect series for a binge-watch session where you constantly discover new revelations and surprises.


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