iPhone 15 leaks: An insider confirms some of the features related to the new USB-C

Apple wants to make your iPhone 15 accessories official

iPhone 15 leaks: An insider confirms some of the features related to the new USB-C
María López

María López

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Apple‘s next flagship is becoming more and more rounded, fast and expensive. However, its “good” features seem to hide the occasional unpleasant surprise.


In 2022, the European Union finally made USB-C mandatory: now, all mobile devices had to have it. One of the most affected companies has been Apple, since it claimed the use of its own port, Lightning. However, the Cupertino company has had no choice but to comply with the law, but in its own way.

A well-respected insider within the Apple community has confirmed one of the rumors that we feared the most: the USB-C that will integrate the iPhone 15 will be capped as standard in all versions. The insider (the well-known ShrimApplePro) claims that iPhone cables will have to be MFi (Made For iPhone) certified.

According to this insider’s sources, Foxconn is already manufacturing accessories such as cables and EarPods with this certification. But does this mean that you can no longer use third-party cables? Nothing could be further from the truth: your cables will still work as usual and you will be able to use them with the next iPhone 15. However, the experience will be somewhat different.

For starters, if a cable doesn’t have MFi certification the charging speed will be limited, as will data transfer. So if you don’t use certified accessories, you won’t be squeezing all that the iPhone 15 can offer.

The iPhone 15s is expected to arrive at the some point in September with a new rounder design, new materials, colors, haptic buttons, next-generation WiFi and of course, the new 3nm A17 chip.

Will the price of the iPhone 15 drop?

The truth is that as appealing as the new iPhone 15 sounds, Apple must now make a greater effort than ever to motivate demand for it. Sales of the iPhone 14 (and especially the iPhone 14 Plus) have taken a big dip compared to other years and there are several reasons for this. Inflation, price increases and the lack of new features have led the public to opt for the Pro and Pro Max models, which are much more attractive in terms of quality and price. Will we finally see a more affordable iPhone 15 this year?

María López

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