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  1. Mobile Access to Samsung TVs

    TV (Samsung) Remote Control is a multimedia application by npe that provides remote control functionality for mobile devices. It connects with any Samsung TV...

  2. xmeye
    • 3.8
    • (138 votes)

    Surveillance With Devices

    XMEye is an app developed by huangwanshui. It serves as a remote access to IPC and DVR through mobile devices.  

  3. Control your uTorrent downloads wherever you are

    uTorrent Remote is an Android app that will allow you to control uTorrent wherever you might be.Easy installuTorrent Remote for Android is a tiny download...

  4. Control your computer from your smartphone for free with Android VNC Viewer

    Android VNC Viewer allows you to easily view and control your PC from your smartphone. The application connects easily with various VNC servers for ease of...

  5. Access Your Desktop, Wherever You Go, From Any Device.

    Chrome Remote Desktop is a free remote desktop application, that allows you to access a computer both from another computer or from a mobile device such as a...

  6. Keep Your Apps Protected

    You might think that your phone is secured because you have your screen lock set. But have you thought about locking your apps? Nowadays, with the emergence...

  7. LogMeIn

    • 4.8
    • (2 votes)

    Get access to your PC from your phone!

    LogMeIn is a free to download application that enables users to obtain access from any point in any place to personal or laptop computers from a mobile...

  8. Alpemix

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    Free remote access and desktop sharing application

    Alpemix is a free and lightweight piece of software that allows users to connect to a computer remotely. It works to help businesses and professionals ensure...

  9. Remotely control your PC from a mobile device

    Remote Control Collection is a simple app which allows you to control your PC remotely using Android and Blackberry devices.

  10. Feature-Rich Remote Access Software for Businesses

    RealVNC is intended to provide businesses and employees with the ability to remotely access files within a secure framework. As the package itself is...

  11. Remote access for your phone

    So, there is an important text that you need to respond to, or there is an incoming call that you need to answer. The problem is that you forgot your phone...