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  1. Deadeus

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    An authentic Game Boy horror game

    Deadeus is a horror Game Boy video game developed by the GB Studio engine. This game centers around a small boy, who is having a prophetic nightmare. In...

  2. Jump and Throw Cards in this Peculiar Action Game

    Drawn Down Abyss is an action game that lets you travel down to The Abbys in search of the bottom. Developed and published by DaFluffyPotato, this strange...

  3. Going Back In Time

    Timespinner is an action-adventure platformer developed by Lunar Ray Games and published by Chucklefish. The game features retro pixel graphics with rich...

  4. A Shoot’em up Game with a Mission

    Shield Blast is a shoot’em up game that entails a challenging escort mission.

  5. Non-Stop Jokes With This Platformer Parody

    Zueirama is a comedic adventure side-scroller and platformer game that is chock full of internet meme references all centered around the wacky country of...

  6. Bottomless

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    Discover the depths of the ice

    Bottomless is a free pixelated action-platformer video game that lets you explore a treacherous system of deep caverns to unlock a mysterious machine found...

  7. The Supper

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    Free adventure puzzle game

    Octavi Navarro, the brains behind the critically-acclaimed short games Midnight Scenes and The Librarian, drops another delicious treat for adventure fans....

  8. Classic Arcade Shooter

    SHOCK TROOPERS is a top-down shooter by SNK CORPORATION. The action game was first released on NEOGEO MVS arcade cabinet in 1997. This arcade emulation...

  9. Be an android agent in this beautiful platformer

    Lazr is a unique 2D action-arcade platformer video game that lets you shoot lasers through a beautiful futuristic pixel-art world full of AI and androids....

  10. Master The Art Of Stealth

    Invisigun Reloaded is an intense and unique action video game wherein you and all your opponents on the battlefield are invisible. The goal of the game is to...

  11. Save The World With Your Family In This RPG Game

    Children of Morta is a beautiful rogue-lite and action role-playing video game developed by Dead Mage that tells the epic story of an extraordinary family of...

  12. Save New York City From The Darkness

    Unavowed is a point-and-click adventure video game wherein you enter the supernatural world. One year ago, your character was possessed by a demon, who ended...

  13. Great Point-and-Click Game About The Hilarity of Death

    The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack is a hilariously-adult 2D point-and-click adventure game about a retelling of the classic Frankenstein story. It stars Dr. Victor...

  14. Skirmish

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    Single Button Party Game

    Skirmish is an action game by Extra Nice. This game features one-button mechanics in a pixelated world. This means you can make your character execute...

  15. Dive Into Your System Files in this Puzzling Detective Game

    file://maniac is a grim-looking detective puzzle game wherein you have to delve into your actual computer files to solve your cases. This game will have you...

  16. Cool Game for Adventure Fans

    Sigi - A Fart for Melusina is an adventure platform game where the main aim of the game is to wander through a brightly coloured and imaginatively world...

  17. Pengu

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    Kick back and relax in this free indie game

    Pengu is a free indie simulation video game that allows you to relax within a beautifully-atmospheric pixel-art world. Developed by Schwender.exe, Pengu...

  18. Top-Down Pixel-Based Game for Personal Computers

    Although the concept of finding cubes within a top-down environment might seem simple at first, there is more than meets the eye in terms of this game. Do...

  19. Step into the mind of the Unnamed

    An Outcry [DEMO] is a free horror adventure video game wherein something seems to haunt the residents of a certain apartment building. Developed by Quinn K.,...

  20. Binary Boy

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    Side scrolling game of flipping

    Binary Boy is a pixelated side scrolling game, based around flipping. Binary boy can only move left or right, and flip up or down to avoid obstacles or...